Principles of leadership according to Bill Campbell

I read an amazing book called the trillion-dollar coach by Eric Schmidt. Eric distilled the rules and principles that have been taught to him by Bill Campbell. These rules and principles have helped him, and some of the best-known leaders known in the tech world take their companies to super stardom. Bill Campbell was oneContinue reading “Principles of leadership according to Bill Campbell”

A framework to Audit AI for trust, ethics, and bias

Note: I can talk about this topic all day. But I have kept the scope to the highest level to ensure that the ideas in this article are easier to grasp. I will be posting more articles that delve into details on how organizations can audit for trust, ethics, & bias. Artificial intelligence (AI) requiresContinue reading “A framework to Audit AI for trust, ethics, and bias”

A practical guide to creating a culture of innovation

Innovation is necessary to stay competitive in today’s market as a company and as an individual. I have heard of many promising innovations or transformations undertaken by organizations and departments that end up in failure. The reason for failure? Adoption, the vision did not resonate, people did not understand, it didn’t stick, and many more.Continue reading “A practical guide to creating a culture of innovation”