You are responsible for your life

Very controversial heading. Oh, Em, Gee! But is it? Or, is it honest? We can’t tap dance around the truth, or else we can’t take responsibility and necessary steps to be better, and set our self-up for success. I will be very blunt in this post. If you are waiting and expecting for your manager, department head, company, wife, husband, etc. to tell you that if you don’t see what is coming and prepare for it, you will be left behind or worse.

Soundbites are being thrown around about the coming revolution: AI, automation, Innovation, etc. If we are honest:

  1. How many have taken this to heart and start preparing?
  2. How many are waiting to be told by their company about new training or for them to think of you?
  3. How many are waiting for governments to provide UBI (Universal Basic Income)? We are testing this in some sorts by the CERB program, and US program.

This is tough to hear, and people often believe that companies act in the best interest of their employees. That brings me to the cold hard truth – Companies act in the best interest of their shareholders. If shareholder value aligns with employees’ interest – perfect, but, make no assumptions. Companies are all about profit and loss. To remain attractive to shareholders, the profit needs to be green (I tried changing this to green – but, WordPress let me down).

COVID has been the catalyst for disruption and a lot of companies are moving with great speed utilizing technology. They always planned to use them, but this accelerated that timeline. With revenues down and pressure to increase shareholder value, the worse is yet to come. Pains me to say this, but we can’t tap dance around the truth. The writing on the wall is:

  • Finance professionals in many roles – Blockchain, Algorithmic trading, AI etc. Will be used to trim down expenses.
  • Brick and Mortar stores – The speed to optimize the online space is in full swing. All companies are pushing their sales online, even those that never thought that they could operate in the online area, such as automotive sales. Others that will be having more online presence in their offerings are Online banking, Grocery stores, and many other types of retail stores. The next course is to trim the number of brick and mortar stores, which means employee layoffs.
  • Travel – We can work from home, and meetings can be held virtually. The amount of travel and professionals that travel will significantly do down. I estimate <50%.
  • and many many many more….

You name it, and something is happening. You need to stop and think. Anyway, I digress on my main point. I will share in a later post in the future and what you can do. In short – 40 hour workweek is 40% capability. It may be satisfactory, but that’s just another word for “comfortable.” There is 168 hrs in a week! A lot of time to learn and challenge yourself for the new way of work and gain the skills needed vs waiting for organizations to do it for you. You are responsible for your life. Schedule your life like you’re on a 24 hr mission every single day.

*As always the thoughts expressed here are my own and do not reflect any organizations.

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