Hi, I’m Lorenzo. I was born in Suriname, grew up in Guyana, and now live in Toronto, Canada. I love learning and I’m curious about everything. This love of learning led me to understand nutrition and take control over my health, which led me to lose over 60 lbs. These days I spend my time thinking about the fourth industrial revolution and how humans can stay relevant in today’s global economy.

In Guyana, I started my first business while I was still in high school. The purpose of that business was to leverage the internet to provide users with access to entertainment content. At the time, I didn’t realize how hard customer acquisition really is, so I pivoted to providing this access to media houses that already had the customer base. This strategy ended up being more successful than I anticipated and it led to a job offer from one of my clients, with whom I worked up until I came to Canada.

Assignment in Thompson, Manitoba

Once I immigrated to Canada, I realized that I needed to develop a new set of skills. I invested time and resources in being able to understand complicated technology and processes quickly, to see patterns that no one can see or find, and to truly add value. With this thinking, I decided to start a consulting company, through which I have had amazing opportunities to work with various clients – most notably, Honda Canada Inc. Throughout my work, I was fortunate enough to travel throughout North America and have significant exposure to CEOs, business leaders, and others who have impacted the way I think and work.

Honda Jet

In a nutshell, Instead of classroom learning, opted for the learn by doing model. Curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge guided me in the pursuit of excellence in competitive industries (automotive, financial, travel, & government). I find and fix challenging problems. I spend my free time thinking, writing, reading, & learning interesting topics (economics, financial, mathematical & political theory) to defend and guide my insights into predicting the future of everything and invest in assets, people and opportunities. I may not know everything but I will always try to find a way to the answer. I’m curious about tech, finance, AI, & animals.

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