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2020 Book List

Books I read in 2020👇🏽. Let me know your thoughts or recommendations for my 2021 list! 2020 has been a year of a massive amount of reading. Why reading you ask? Well, it is quite simple. There is just too much I don’t know. I figured I would share the books that have made itContinue reading “2020 Book List”

Group-shaming, cancel culture and self-censorship – a case for a truly open dialogue

In a democracy, we protect the rights of individuals to dissent, speak up and share their ideas. However in today’s world, social media has made it very easy for people to make quick and harsh judgments about someone that can have lasting ramifications. Are you noticing like I am that there are more and moreContinue reading “Group-shaming, cancel culture and self-censorship – a case for a truly open dialogue”

2019 book list with rating

Becoming by Michelle Obama The laws of human nature by Robert Greene How to change your mind by Micheal Pollan The courage to act by Ben Bernanke Educated by Tara Westover Mastering the market cycle by Howard Marks Good to great by Jim Collins Enlightment now by Steven Pinklet Game Changers by Dave Asprey TheContinue reading “2019 book list with rating”

Maintaining privacy working from home during COVID-19

Working from home (WFH) has become the norm, and it is expected to stay in place until further notice. This is a blessing and a curse. Blessing, due to time saved on your commute and increased time spent with your family. Curse, the added pressure of you being responsible for protecting your organizations’ privacy. We all haveContinue reading “Maintaining privacy working from home during COVID-19”


Places I have traveled to so far… In the coming months I will be posting up my itinerary and my take on these amazing places.

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